LoJack is one of the biggest players in the Global Vehicle recovery and tracking industry. With over 300,000 vehicles recovered and a 90% recovery rate- it’s arguably the biggest and the best in the business! LoJack also offers specialized tools and solutions that help Original equipment Manufacturers achieve competitive advantages and optimize earnings. As an advanced fleet management system, LoJack has a lot to offer its customers.


We were asked to create a video to explain their value proposition. Knowing the target audience for this video were largely people who work with or around heavy vehicles and machinery- we wanted the visual representation of such vehicles in the video to be relatable to the audience. As a result, we chose to use 3D animation to create this video. Intended for the European market at first- we were tasked with creating this video in 8 different European languages.The team over at LoJack were thrilled with the results and informed us of the overwhelming response the video had received at trade-fairs and exhibitions. An important lesson we learned while creating this video is to ‘Always design videos with the viewer in mind’


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